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Hey, I’m Ona Artist, founder of I started YBI in 2019 with one goal – to help other models achieve the level of success I’ve enjoyed through my Social Media Empire, which includes my 5.5M IG and my top earner fan site. Social media is the # 1 funnel for any kind of model monetization, and that’s what I teach – how to make it on social media so you can make life-changing money. To succeed in today’s competitive market takes Hotness, Hustle, and How-To. You have the Hotness and the Hustle, and I give you the How-To. So check out my various offerings below, and let’s start working together to get you the freedom, fame, and fortune you deserve! xoxo – ONA

The Social Success Intensive

The Social Success Intensive is the only online course in the world that teaches models how to succeed on ALL socials so they can funnel that success into major fan site income as well as other forms of monetization. Composed of four modules – Story (Perfecting Your Brand), Show (Producing Great Content), Share SFW (Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and more) and Share NSFW (Twitter, Reddit, Adult Sites, and more) – each module is taught one week per month and includes a group Zoom, tons of informational tutorials, materials and worksheets, lifetime membership in the Social Success Club, PLUS you get as much FREE promo on my pages as you spend on the class, so you make money signing up! Take the Social Success Intensive NOW and secure unending success for your Social Media Empire!

Every Social Success Intensive MAKES YOU MONEY
by giving you as much FREE promo on my pages as you pay for the class !

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My 4-week SOCIAL SUCCESS INTENSIVE will teach you to:

The Social Success Intensive covers Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 18+ Free Sites, and more!

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No one knows more about social media and fan sites than I do. My IG – @OnaArtist – has nearly 5.5 million followers. I also have over 500k on Twitter, have had up to 500k on Tik Tok, my FB Fan Page has over 100k followers, and I have almost 100k karma on Reddit. And unlike many models, all of these are REAL followers (take my class, and I’ll teach you to tell the difference!). Further, I am a top earner on OnlyFans and make a lot of money promoting myself on a wide array of free adult promo sites. What’s more, my Social Media Empire is growing by thousands of followers every day, so I know how to get growth. I also wrote the first academic analysis of the IG modeling world for Rhizome magazine back in 2016, entitled “The Self-Made Supermodel.” Finally, I’ve created a successful international art career based in part on the representation and analysis of the online modeling world. I’m excited to share all my expert know-how with you!


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Get as much FREE promo as you pay for the class (so you MAKE MONEY!) when you sign up for The Social Success Intensive!

Sexy is the new success

I’m just gonna say it: Covid-19 changed everything. Women who work their sexy online are finally getting the respect they deserve, which means getting big on social media can help you realize all your dreams. Just look at me. I’ve leveraged my huge following into an international art career, an online mentoring business, and major OnlyFans income. Get big on socials, and you can go anywhere. Case in point? Check out this list of the media outlets that have covered me because of my socials:

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Facts: Way too many babes start their social media efforts off without any real knowledge of the game, which only leads to tons of wasted time and unfulfilled dreams. You need expert knowledge NOW so you can stop making mistakes and start making money. My Social Success Intensive will give you that knowledge.

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