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Hey, I’m Ona Artist, founder of I started YBI in 2019 with one goal – to help other models achieve the level of success I’ve achieved through my 4 million follower IG. Social media is the # 1 funnel for any kind of model monetization, and that’s what I teach – how to make it on social media so you can make life-changing money. To succeed in today’s competitive market takes Hotness, Hustle, and How-To. You have the Hotness and the Hustle, and I give you the How-To. So check out my various offerings below, and let’s start working together to get you the freedom, fame, and fortune you deserve! xoxo – ONA

The Million Follower Immersive

Our 10-week class, the Million Follower Immersive, is the only online course in the world that gives you everything you need to know to make it big as an Instamodel using the YBI Method of Story, Show, and Share. It comes with a mega promo package worth the price of the class and includes 10 weekly group Zoom calls, our 250 page book on Instagram content production, growth, and monetization, a Telegram group for 24/7 support, discounts on Lives with @OnaArtist (4.3M on IG), and a private focus calls with @OnaArtist. Invest in yourself on IG, and you’ll be set for life!

The YBI Social Success Intensive

The Social Success Intensive is the first and only class of its kind – a comprehensive online course on how to succeed on all the major social platforms in an integrated, strategic, and profitable way. The course pays for itself in free promo and includes four weekly Zoom calls, six “Social Success Sheets” on the covered platforms (OF, IG, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram), and a lifetime membership to the Social Success Club, our private Telegram group for networking, advice, and promo deals.

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You’re working as hard as you can, but success isn’t coming fast enough. How did all those babes with millions of followers get there? Well, I got there, and I’m going to get you there too with the first and only online course on becoming a successful Instamodel – The Million Follower Immersive.

The Million Follower Immersive

My 10 week course is the only online class in the world that teaches you how to turn your sexy into success as a multi-million follower Instamodel. And it’s taught by me, a multi-million follower Instamodel, so you know you’re getting it from the source. You’ll learn everything you need to know to produce amazing content, gain millions of followers, and monetize effectively. And once you’ve got that, you can do anything you want. Are you ready to stop wasting time and start making bank?

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Million Follower Immersive

The practical knowledge you need

My 10-week MILLION FOLLOWER IMMERSIVE tells you how to:

The YBI Social Success Club
Advice, Networking, & Promo for Ambitious Babes

Get it from an expert

No one knows more about Instamodeling than I do. My IG – @OnaArtist – has nearly 4.5 million followers and grows by thousands every day. I wrote the first academic analysis of the IG modeling world for Rhizome magazine back in 2016, entitled “The Self-Made Supermodel.” And I’ve created a successful international art career based in part on the representation and analysis of the Instamodeling world. You get all my knowledge and experience when you take my online course.


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Get over $3000 in promo for FREE

When you sign up for my Million Follower Immersive, I’ll give you over $3000 worth of promo FOR FREE. During the 10 week course I’ll post you on my page and four times in my story, and I’ll also do a thirty minute 3k+ guaranteed gain Live with you. You’ll also get major discounts on going live with me and buying shout outs during the course.

Sexy is the new success

I’m just gonna say it: Covid-19 changed everything. Women who work their sexy online are finally getting the respect they deserve, which means a hot IG can help you realize all your dreams. Just look at me. I’ve leveraged my huge page into an international art career, an online mentoring business, and a major OnlyFans income. Get big on IG, and you can go anywhere. Case in point? Check out this list of the media outlets that have covered me because of my IG:

Are you ready to get what you deserve?

Facts: Way too many babes start Instamodeling without any real knowledge of the game, which only leads to tons of wasted time and unfulfilled dreams. You need expert knowledge NOW so you can stop making mistakes and start making money. My Million Follower Immersive gives you that knowledge. So let’s do this!

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