The Digital Assistant Training Intensive

An Intensive That Trains Your Assistant To Help You Succeed

One of the best things a model can do to take her follower count and income to the next level is hire a digital assistant. By allocating strategic tasks, you – and your business – will get so much more accomplished. Talk to any of the big models, and they’ll tell you flat out: the day they hired an assistant was the day the big growth began.

Problem is, training an assistant can take weeks, if not months. Trying to integrate a new person to the complex world of marketing, content production and processing, posting, networking, DMing, decision-making, etc. that you do on a daily basis can be truly daunting. That’s why I’ve created my “Digital Assistant Training (DAT) Intensive.”

Using the exact methods and documents I’ve written and utilized to successfully train several assistants, I’ll teach your assistant to carry out a wide array of growth- and income-oriented activities – all of them tailored to your specific accounts and goals – so you can start reaping the benefits of their efforts and spending more time on higher-end aspects of your business.

Here’s how the DAT Intensive works:


  1. As soon as you sign up, I send both you and your assistant my “Digital Assistant Training Manual” that covers all the basics: how to trade and do promos on IG, how to use Telegram for networking and growth, how to grow on Twitter, how to post on and get traffic from Reddit, how to make money on OF, and more.
  2. You, your assistant, and I have a 90 minute Focus Call in which I review all your accounts and discuss your goals for them, and then we determine together what your assistant will be doing for you.
  3. I then write up and send you a “Digital Assistant Action Plan” based on our first Focus Call. This plan takes what is outlined in the “Digital Assistant Training Manual” (described in item 1 above) and makes it specific to you, your assistant, your accounts, and your goals.
  4. The three of us then have a second 90 minute Focus Call in which we go over implementation of the Digital Assistant Action Plan created for you and troubleshoot any issues, set goals, and iron out details for optimal success.
  5. You and your assistant have access to my YBI Social Success Club Telegram Group for 2 months after our second Focus Call so you can ask questions and get support as you put your Digital Assistant Action Plan into action.
  6. Included in your 2 month YBI Social Success Club membership is over $1200 in free promo across my 4 million follower social network as well as my Social Success Sheets (on IG, Twitter, Reddit, and OF) and Social Success Roadmap.

Once you sign up, we will set your Focus Call schedule based on mutual availability so that the training happens as quickly as possible, with the understanding that I will need one week to draft your Digital Assistant Action Plan after our first Focus Call.


Should you lose your assistant and need to hire another, you and your new assistant can take my “New Hire” DAT Intensive for only $1000 and I will train your new assistant in the Digital Assistant Action Plan that we drew up with your prior assistant.

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