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An “Intensive for Two” on Becoming High-Performance Production Partners

When you look at all the models making it big online, there’s one thing you don’t see: her production partner. Fact is, behind almost every high follower count, every enviable OnlyFans percentage, and every glamorous post is someone who’s helping the model behind the scenes, either as photographer, marketer, or general assistant (or all three!). And because “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” the profits that come from this partnership are far more than double what one person can do alone.

Having worked with a producing partner (Dustin Wood) her entire career and reaped the benefits from their collaboration, OnaArtist is excited to offer the Mom-n-Pop Shop, an “Intensive for Two.” Whether you’re a model with a boyfriend, a friend, a family member, or a freelancer, you and your partner will become a high-performance production team through the methods taught in this course by both Ona and Dustin. You’ll learn everything you need to know to collaborate on a whole new level and to bring about an unprecedented increase in the quantity, quality, and profitability of your content.

Along with over $1200 in free promo on @OnaArtist’s 4 million follower network, the Mom-n-Pop Shop Intensive includes:

– One 90 minute two-on-two Focus Call between you and your partner and Ona and Dustin to assess your skills, your assets, and your goals and then map out what you need to learn and acquire.

– Three 60 minute video tutorials on touching up photos (by Ona), on producing professional-looking (but easy-to-make) videos (by Dustin), and on Ona and Dustin’s photographic production process (by both).

– One 2 hour Zoom meeting with all class participants to discuss in further detail all the topics covered in the course, including 1) how to take professional-level photos and videos, 2) how to process content for ultimate social appeal and reach, and 3) how to work optimally together on photo shoots, marketing efforts, and monetization techniques.

– Our “Team of Two” booklet on how a model and her partner can best divide up the many tasks needed to succeed on social media.

– One month access to our exclusive Telegram group where you can network, get advice, and upload content for feedback from Ona, Dustin, and your classmates.

– A “tutorials” list of free resources on the Internet to help you become better photographers, videographers, and posters.

Starts March 15, 2021

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