The Million Follower Immersive

The first and only online course that teaches you how to become a huge Instamodel.

Hey, babe. I’m so glad you’re interested in taking my class. It’s going to be awesome. Ya know, five years ago I had nothing. But today, I’ve got over 4M IG followers, a six figure income, and opportunities galore. I truly went from nothing to everything all thanks to Instamodeling, and guess what? You will too!

That’s because I’m going to give you the knowledge. See, I didn’t buy my page like some girls do. I earned it through years of deep study, hard work, and lots of trial and error. And in my course I’m going to tell you all about it. I’ll tell you how I grew 10k followers a day just through natural growth. I’ll tell you how I shot hot content on a tight budget. I’ll tell you how I made millions of dollars through simple monetization methods. I’ll even tell you about the DMs from movie stars, the $6000/hour camming clients, and all the fake pages you should stay away from. And so much more!

You’ve got the HOT. You’ve got the HUSTLE. And once you complete the Million Follower Immersive, you’ll have the HOW-TO. Then nothing can stop you, babe.

Let’s do this!


What you get:

The Million Follower Immersive is made up of 10 instructional videos (one on each of the 10 core topics), 5 bi-weekly group Zoom chats with @OnaArist, as well as weekly readings, tip sheets, and development forms. In each Zoom call I go over the materials and then we discuss, answer questions, and review each other’s content, pages, strategies, and development forms.

On top of all that, you get:

$3000 in Free Mega Promo

Every student gets $3000 worth of free promo. This includes Lives* and story shouts with/on @OnaArtist, @YourBestInsta, & @OnaMania, & a page post on @YourBestInsta.

Brand Perfection

You’ll work with me to discover and hone your brand so that everything you do on your page is unique, amazing, and must-follow and leads to natural growth and great monetization.

Access to My Mastermind

All MFI graduates are eligible to join my Mastermind Group (which includes promo), my elite private club of ambitious babes that share knowledge via a monthly Zoom call and a Telegram group.

Focus Time

Our first and last group Zoom call includes a one-on-one discussion with me about your IG and your strategy for success on the platform.

Monetization Methods

We’ll go in detail over the many ways you can monetize your IG and help you decide which ones will be most profitable and best for you.

Secret Knowledge

You’ll learn everything I did to get to 4.5M+ followers, plus we’ll look at other major models and I’ll tell you how they did it!

Exclusive Telegram Group

You’ll get access to the private YBI Telegram group for daily advice and support from me and your classmates.

Your Star Sisters

Your classmates will form a supportive and energetic community that you’ll be able to call on for inspiration and trades for years to come.

The Knowledge

Through my in-depth readings, tip sheets, and development forms on each main topic, you'll gain ALL the knowledge that helped me reach 4M.

Invaluable Feedback

Every week I’ll give you feedback on what you’re doing on your page, what you’ve done as part of the course assignments, and what you can do to better achieve your goals.


I'll give you a lifetime of "milestone shoutouts," so every time you hit increments of 100k on your IG I'll give you a page shout, and when you hit increments of 1M I'll give you a page shoutout!

The Golden Formula

You get access to my objective assessment formula that allows you to determine the actual worth of any IG ad buy. This invaluable tool for growing your account takes all the guess work out of “who to buy promos from.”

* The promo you get with this course includes going Live for 4 hours with @OnaArtist; 4 sets of story shouts (one set each on @OnaArtist, @YourBestInsta, and @OnaMania); and one 24 hour page post on @YourBestInsta. Most students gain at least 10k followers during the course of my class, but I have had some students who gained 100k. I will always do my best to get you as many followers as possible.

The Million Follower Immersive will teach you how to:


What we do, topic by topic

The Million Follower Immersive is based on the YBI Method, which you can read more about here. Each module (Story, Show, and Share) features three main topics, and along with my presentation and our discussion of these topics, you get in-depth readings, tip sheets, and development forms on that week’s topic. Here’s the topics:



Topic 1: Introductions & Your Story

This week we introduce ourselves then venture through the discovery process that leads to a specific and actionable sense of your unique and compelling brand by realizing your Five Facets, your Energy Triangle, your Magic Device, and your Style Bio.


Topic 2: Business Planning Your IG

Every business needs a plan, and your IG is a business, so this week we do a short, IG-relevant 5 part business plan for your page that includes 1) an Assets Check, 2) The Needs You Want To Fulfill, 3) your Main Competitors, and 4) your Revenue Model (aka Monetization).

DSC_0354-2 copy

Topic 3: Optimizing Your Profile & Security

Now that you have a thorough sense of your Story and your Business Plan, we put your clarity into action by optimizing your Profile Pic, your Bio Text (How, What, When, Why, Where), your Highlights, and your Link in Bio. We also discuss how to secure your account against deletion.



Topic 4: Planning A Shoot

This is the first week of the Show Module in which we plan for, execute, and process the content of a photo shoot. This week is all about planning for a shoot. No matter how you shoot, the goal is always the same – to get as much great content as possible in as little time as possible on as small a budget as possible. That’s why planning is important. The more you plan, the more you get.


Topic 5: Doing A Shoot

To look at how best to do a shoot, I’ve broken one down into four key elements: outfit, location, poses, and content types. I discuss each of these in detail this week. I also discuss my core method – Shooting the Outfit – as a way to get the most out of each shoot.


Topic 6: Processing Your Content

Between shooting and posting, there’s processing. Processing includes saving, organizing, selecting, and preparing (touching up, sculpting, blemish removal, cropping, etc.) your content. The software, techniques, and decisions involved in processing are all covered this week in both text and tutorial videos.



Topic 7: Posting Your Content

With the perfect content on your camera, it’s time to post it. We’ll look into everything that goes into optimally showing your content, including topics like feed vs. story, how to crop and filter for best results, writing great captions, enhancing engagement, handling comments, scheduling posts, and using tags.


Topic 8: Achieving Huge Growth

Now it’s time to learn how to get those millions of followers. This week we’ll cover everything you need to know about growth: how to beat the algorithm, how to implement successful trades, how to achieve organic growth, how to place great ads (while avoiding fake pages), how to get mainstream press, and more.


Topic 9: Making the Big Bucks

There are so many ways to monetize on IG, and this week we’ll cover them all: having a private site or OnlyFans, selling ads on your page, getting sponsorships and brand endorsements, marketing your own products, negotiating producer offers, upselling to a cam site, wish lists, live shows, and more.


Topic 10: Your Million Follower Future!

You did it! You’re ready to go to a million followers and beyond! This topic is all about discussing your future journey as an Instamodel. We’ll talk about what you’ve learned, what your one and five year plans are, and how you’re going to get all the success you desire and deserve! Congratulations!


Your purchase will officially enroll you in my Million Follower Immersive. Once you pay you will be sent a link to the YBI Members Area where you’ll find your Orientation Packet and other materials. I will also be contacting you to introduce myself and provide details on when and how our first class will meet. If you need a different payment method please email us.