The YBI Social Success Intensive

The YBI Social Success Intensive

A Four Week Online Course on How to Succeed on All Socials

Platforms covered: IG, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, TikTok, Snapchat, Various Fan Sites, and more.

The Social Success Intensive is the first and only class of its kind – a comprehensive online course on how to succeed on all the major social platforms in an integrated, strategic, and profitable way. Taught by @OnaArtist (4.4M on IG), the course pays for itself as students receive the price of the class in free promo. Every class includes:

Please Note: This class offers open enrollment and a flexible schedule. This means you can start at any time, and if you have to miss a week, you can take the same class one or two months later. So basically you have three months in which you can take the four classes, as each class repeats every four weeks.


Class Schedule and Materials


Every student gets:

– Two weekly Social Success Sheets (six in total) that describe in detail how to succeed on that week’s platforms.

– The YBI “Roadmap to Social Success” that outlines how to get started posting and growing on all the major social platforms.

– @OnaArtist’s “How I Hit 3M on IG” Tip Sheet.

– The YBI Ever Live Trainer that tells you how to go live on IG without actually being live!

– A personalized “Plan for Social Success” worksheet that will be filled out by you and @OnaArtist during the final class detailing how you will dominate across all social platforms in the months ahead!


Week 1: Succeeding on Instagram and Telegram Networking

For Instagram, we cover optimizing your profile, achieving organic growth, increasing engagement, beating the algorithm, and not getting deleted. For Telegram Networking, @OnaArtist shares all her favorite Telegram groups for setting up trades, getting great advice, and other networking opportunities.

Week 2: Succeeding on TikTok, Twitter & Reddit

For TikTok, we review trends and sounds, shooting techniques, posting tricks, how to keep your account, and more. For Twitter, we cover ideal tweeting and retweeting protocols, promos and RT groups, how to make your page unique, and more. For Reddit, we cover setting up your account, getting verified on big subs, building an audience, tricks for growing karma, using assistants without getting deleted, and more.

Week 3: Succeeding on Various Fan Sites

In this week, @OnaArtist goes over her experience with various fan sites. She covers everything from how models with big socials can monetize, ideal entry prices, PPV techniques, successful sexting systems, additional monetization methods, trades and promos, and more. 

Week 4: Plan for Social Success and Other Platforms

In this final week, we start by looking at other social platforms (including Snapchat, Clubhouse, Twitch, Youtube, Fetlife, Discord, and Telegram Fan Channel). Then each student works with @OnaArtist through a focused, one-on-one, in-front-of-the-class discussion to create a personalized “Plan for Social Success.” This Plan will include making sure the student has an optimized profile, a content production process, a growth plan, and a monetization scheme for each platform and that all platforms are working together in the best way possible.

Participation Levels

The Intensive


Total Free Promo: $1500

The Intensive VIP


Total Free Promo: $1500