The SSI Advanced

Putting Your Social Success Roadmap Into Action

A Course for SSI Graduates Only

Do you want to be held responsible for all the work you did in the Social Success Intensive? Do you want to put your Social Success Roadmap into action? Do you want to succeed on ALL socials?

Welcome to the SSI Advanced.

The Social Success Intensive includes 25 informational documents totaling over 1,000 pages. While an ambitious student could read it all during the four week course, so much knowledge is impossible to implement in so short a time.

That’s why I’ve created the SSI Advanced. This 16 week course (we meet every other week, so it’s 8 sessions) is exactly what SSI graduates need to be held responsible for implementing the materials, methods, and goals put down in their Social Success Roadmap.

Plus, the SSI Advanced includes a 5k guaranteed gains via live on Instagram plus a Mega Promo Bundle where I post you on my OF, Instagram, and Twitter. This is worth over $4000, so given that the course is only $2000, you literally MAKE money taking this class!

Don't let all the work you did in the SSI slip away!

The SSI Advanced includes:

If you’ve taken the Social Success Intensive, then the SSI Advanced course is here to hold you responsible for putting your Social Success Roadmap into action with the ultimate goal of getting YOU into the Million Follower Club…and BEYOND!

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