The YBI Method

All the practical advice I give you – and I give you tons – is based on the core concept behind my course, known as the YBI Method. What’s the YBI Method? Well, allow me to let you in on a little secret.

For over 100 years the entertainment industry has been using a time-tested method to create celebrities; it’s the same method I used to gain over 3 million followers, and it’s the same method I’m going to teach you so you can become a Million Follower Instamodel.

They call it “Development, Production, and Distribution,” but I call it the YBI Method:




If you go to any publicist or producer and say you want to make it in show biz, the first thing they’ll ask is, “What’s your story?” Your story is that mix of amazing qualities that makes you a must-follow personality. It’s composed of your Five Facets (where you come from, what you care about, how you’re unique, why people want to know you, and who you want to be), your Energy Triangle (your three lead passions), your Magic Device (your most unique quality), and your Style Bio (what makes you totally you and totally wow).

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Once you know your story, you’re ready to put on a great show. And this is not about big budgets – it’s about best practices. I will guide you through your ideal content production process from A-Z and help you ensure everything you present is of the highest aesthetic quality while also being grounded in your vibe, message, and look. We’ll also work together to ensure you can keep producing over the long term in ways that work for you and your page’s goals.

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Finally, you have to share your show in a way that actually works. Fortunately, I have the proven wisdom of someone with a huge following built entirely on my own, and I will share all that wisdom with you. We will chart out a detailed growth strategy that will have you seeing major follower growth figures right away and far into the future. We’ll also map out a monetization plan so you can start making a six figure income just from your Instagram.