topic 1 Worksheet

Finding Your Story

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • Your Five Facets

    Figuring out your Story begins by determining your Five Facets. Write your answers to each Facet Question below to determine your Five Facets.

  • Your Energy Triangle

    Now that you’ve figured out your Five Facets, it’s time to determine your Energy Triangle. This very much depends on what kind of socials you plan on having. Sometimes your Energy Triangle is the three things that you do best. Sometimes it’s the three most appealing qualities about you. Sometimes it’s the three things you’re most interested in. And sometimes it’s the three things that you most want in life.

    Ultimately, your Energy Triangle is made up of the three most compelling things about you, the three things that make people wake up and look when they see you being or doing them, the three things that give you power, make you shine, cut your presence in the world. Chances are, you’ve already listed the qualities that make up your Energy Triangle in your Five Facets answers.

  • Your Magic Device

    The next thing to figure out so that you can nail your Story is your Magic Device. It’s the one thing that you use again and again to wow your followers. But as I’ve mentioned, 1) it’s not something you pull out all the time because people will get bored with it, and 2) your Magic Device can change over time. Ultimately you may discover these as you go! It may take being on a photoshoot and trying something new, then posting it and realizing your followers are crazy for it – to learn that you’ve found a new Magic Device.

  • Your Style Bio

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