The YBI “Ever Live”
Magic Trick

How you and/or your assistant can go Live as long as you want without actually having to be Live!

What if I told you there was a way to spend about one hour of work that will allow you to go Live as long as you want on Instagram or Tik Tok or Twitter, and you don’t even have to be Live while you’re Live? Sound impossible? It’s not with my YBI “Ever Live” Magic Trick!

But before I tell you the secret, let me sell you on the idea. Instagram Lives is THE NEW BEST WAY to get gains on Instagram. Just look at these numbers:

Models in the YBI no minimum IG Live Group are getting up to 200 followers/hour!

Models in the YBI 10k+ IG Live Group are getting up to 1200 followers/hour!

Models in the paid group with @OnaArtist (4M) are getting up to 10k followers/hour!

TikTok and Twitter Lives are also producing huge followings!

Problem is, you have to be Live to go Live, right?


You can “go Live” without actually “being Live.”

You can “go Live” without actually “being Live.”

Click here to buy my comprehensive YBI “Ever Live” Magic Trick and you’ll be redirected to a webpage that gives you detailed instructions on how to go live without actually being live! You’ll learn what equipment you need, what you need to do to go live, and how to do multiple “live” sessions/day (some models are “live” for 5-6 hours every day!) without actually having to “be live”!

This is the ticket to getting HUGE daily gains on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter!


On the power of lives:

“The gains I’ve had from lives are the best serotonin I’ve had in ages” – Pasta

“OMG going live with you was awesome. I wasn’t even dresst up and I gained so many!” – Kayla Davis

“Wow, I gained around 3k from that live!” – Mary Kate

“Me too!” – Mia Shelby

“Me three!” – Jamie