Your Best Insta

The How To Not Get Deleted from IG
Masterclass Replay


00:06:25 Katja: 4000 or so and @katjacensored
00:06:36 Lexi: mine is @lexiveeof, i’m at 3.5k 🙂
00:06:37 Natalie Shepherd’s iPhone: 2k @tiawithlove
00:06:37 Jessy: Lost all my igs lol 😂 just started again
00:06:39 Kaya: 1337
00:06:39 Mistressf0x: 3.9k
00:06:41 Petal X: Almost 1000 @definitelynotpetal haha
00:06:43 Em: 9.7k @lavenderbxby
00:06:44 Misty Renn: 300 haha @mistyxrenn
00:06:45 Elaina: 80k
00:06:45 Mari: Just got to 5k woo!!! @sunkissedmercedes
00:06:45 Ari: almost 42k I think @itsarianadrew
00:06:46 courtney: 2.6K
00:06:50 Nadia Layne: 5100 Nadialayne_ but I think mine was deleted last night
00:06:53 Bella MB – Content Manager: 1000 on my personal one @kittenjamesof
00:06:58 giulia basile: 91,9k
00:06:58 Elaina: 80k ElainaStJames
00:07:10 Queen/ Kitty: 48K
00:07:18 Miri: ~28k
00:07:20 Queen/ Kitty: @nkd__goddess1
00:07:21 Jessy: I started again yesterday lol 😂 fml
00:07:51 marisa:
00:10:01 Nadia Layne: is there I can make it louder? is there a separate mic in zoom? The volume on my computer doesn’t do anything
00:10:56 Lexi: you have to “connect to audio” to get sound to come through, it should prompt you when you join
00:10:59 Katja: yesssss
00:11:11 Natalie’s Galaxy S20 FE 5G: ❤
00:11:12 Mari: 🔥
00:11:12 Em: Audio working for me!
00:11:13 Lexi: yes, still with you! 💞
00:11:13 a: audio is working yeah!
00:11:13 Misty Renn: Yes!
00:11:13 Christina’s Galaxy Tab S7: 💎
00:11:14 Jessy: Yesss
00:11:14 Petal X: yess
00:11:14 Bella MB – Content Manager: all good
00:11:17 Natalie Shepherd’s iPhone: 🙌🏼🙌🏼
00:11:18 Kaya: <3
00:11:19 Elaina: 😻
00:11:20 Daiana’s iPhone: 💪🏼
00:11:21 Nadia Layne: It works, I just can’t seem to make it louder, that’s all
00:11:21 Bella MB – Content Manager: 😘
00:11:22 Eve G: 🌟
00:11:31 Bella MB – Content Manager: it’s loud for me 😸🤣
00:16:06 Bella MB – Content Manager: omg I have to go purge link in bio
00:16:51 Jessy: I lost my page immediately after posting a zoomed in screen shot of fansly lol. Didn’t get any warnings before that and got removed 😭 sadness 😂😂
00:17:35 Christina’s Galaxy Tab S7: they are removing swipe up soon
00:17:47 Avery: can you use a website? I use a website with a plain splash page and then a captcha and then finally then you yet to the links to OF.
00:19:23 katy: Hi I just got here!
00:19:41 Jessy: Haha yeaahhhh fml ! 8th accounts a charm 😂🙏🏻
00:19:51 katy: So fancily is not ok to say?
00:19:54 Bella MB – Content Manager: If Ona allows I’ll post my notes after for those who missed parts
00:20:23 Bella MB – Content Manager: perfect
00:20:49 Miri: Was about words like sub or site?
00:21:12 Ariel O’Reilly: Please send me the replay/ this is Emmy ☺️
00:21:22 Bella MB – Content Manager: are thongs considered implied nude or allowed or what is the line between bikini wear and nudity
00:23:06 Bella MB – Content Manager: and if we have posts more advocacy based on health do you think we’d be allowed? ie female pleasure affiliate links etc?
00:23:35 Em: If I have posts I think might be risky is archiving ok or do I need to fully delete them?
00:24:14 Bella MB – Content Manager: id delete
00:27:50 katy: I have a photo up right now that shows my bare back, probably not best and to always show some sort of clothing?
00:28:18 Bella MB – Content Manager: yeah that would be implied nudity she mentioned earlier , always show bit of clothing
00:28:20 Daiana’s iPhone: How do you tell other girls who Sfs you not to send anything risky? 😅 most of my removed stories are literally Sfs of outlets girls
00:28:42 Nadia Layne: I got asked for a verification last night, but the code wouldn’t come through. I also discovered a catfish
00:28:48 giulia basile: how do we deactivate our insta story archive?
00:28:58 katy: How do the really big accounts like Alex mucci get to post nipple with sheer clothing?
00:29:09 Bella MB – Content Manager: Ona reckons we won’t even need to do promo and such if we are safe, and I guess sfs with other safe players
00:29:17 Natalie’s Galaxy S20 FE 5G: my personal ig got deleted and I got it back but I never post on it
00:29:28 Jessy: Trying to get mine back still :p. There’s like 100 fakes of me. And I report but they won’t take them down. 🥲🥲🥲
00:29:45 Em: Deactivate story archive: archive -> three dots -> settings -> swipe the button off
00:30:00 Bella MB – Content Manager: several million followers pls 🤣
00:30:03 katy: I want to get to 100k by the end of the year!
00:30:17 Riley Daniels: I struggle with IG, but if I could hit 25k id love that
00:30:30 Jessy: The goal is to not get deleted for me 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
00:30:48 Natalie Shepherd’s iPhone: I’m only just starting out so I’d be super happy getting to 10k right now
00:30:51 Kaya: i’d rather have less followers with high engagement
00:31:12 Christina’s Galaxy Tab S7: I want to get to 50
00:31:20 Christina’s Galaxy Tab S7: 50
00:31:29 Christina’s Galaxy Tab S7: 50k even
00:32:28 Jessy: That’s a good question. I see so many nipples everywhere.
00:32:50 katy: That’s good to know ty. This idea of bandwidth is new to me, I like it ty!
00:32:53 Natalie Shepherd’s iPhone: I can’t start lives atm either 😩 I hope I can reverse it
00:34:07 Jessy: Yesss connect me please !!!
00:34:43 katy: CONGRATS STELLAAA
00:34:48 mari: Yes stellaaaa
00:34:59 mari: I want to get to 100k this year lmao
00:35:05 Avery: my aim is for 10k hahaha
00:35:16 cay: mine too lol
00:35:24 Mistressf0x: I’d love to get to 10-15k
00:35:24 Daiana’s iPhone: Don’t personally mind how many, as long as they are loyal fans
00:35:25 carley belle : I would love to get In touch with her, they took one at 30k and denied the appeal.
00:35:48 Avery: can you do swipe ups if they aren’t adult websites? like, other socials?
00:35:49 Mistressf0x: Well done Stella!!
00:35:53 katy: Do you think engaging with followers on posts is important and can help make you seem less spam/bot like?
00:35:54 Avery: idk how swipe ups work lol
00:36:16 Jessy: Ty 🙏🏻
00:36:25 Elaina: Have you noticed how much IG rewards Tik toks recently?
00:36:27 Natalie’s Galaxy S20 FE 5G: I want a million 😍
00:38:28 giulia basile: when a deleted account gets restored it’s still a risky one?
00:39:10 Jessy: How can we get less fake accounts
00:39:30 Riley Daniels: I have to leave for the airport, with this recording be posted in the telegram? I don’t want to miss it!
00:39:45 Jessy: I set my account to 18+ apparently that helps
00:39:53 Natalie’s Galaxy S20 FE 5G: what about men who love reporting you? is it ok if you’re not doing anything wrong
00:40:00 Jessy: I was private before but it didn’t really help with not getting deleted :p
00:40:06 Mistressf0x: How do you set your account to +18 will it limit your growth??
00:43:14 Natalie’s Galaxy S20 FE 5G: love pasta ❤
00:43:29 katy: I was able to gain 1k+ a day as well just from the various gorups
00:43:49 Daiana’s iPhone: Can we upload slightly naughty Tik Toks to reels? Like nothing naughty just hints 😅
00:44:13 giulia basile: how can you be live on insta rn?
00:46:28 Kaya: is it safe to have to word ‘follow’ in bio i.e follow my twitter
00:46:29 Lexi: is there a way to bulk delete story archives? or do they have to be deleted individually?
00:46:49 giulia basile: it’s possible to pre-record live streams?
00:47:38 Daiana’s iPhone: What do you do during lives? Like do you Chat? You dance? 😅
00:51:14 Jessy: How do I turn off the 18+ 😂😂 now I can’t find it to turn it off
00:51:18 katy: Yes from going live only!!
00:53:34 Ari: I used an old acct when my main was limited and grew 30k from 1 reel
00:53:55 Ari: th
00:54:01 katy: Multiple devices! And Ona has a “magic trick” she does hehe
00:54:01 Ari: oops sorry lol
00:54:30 katy: Classified info
00:55:05 katy: Omg did not know that about individually
00:55:23 Katja: youre shakin your butt
00:55:23 katy: @onamania
00:55:24 Katja: HAHAHA
00:55:29 katy: Im like wiggling lol
00:56:04 courtney: I have to run because I have a live in 5min and only one device 🙈 Thank you for the zoom call and I will definitely msg you on telegram for the recording 💕💕💕
00:56:45 Jessy: No not yetttt !! Lol 😂 I’m still looking how to turn it off lol
00:57:07 Bella MB – Content Manager: hashtag use?
00:57:16 Elaina: Igtv will get you lots of views
00:58:52 Jessy: Can anyone help me turn off the 18+ option lol
01:00:22 Katja: I am def gonna take this class asap
01:00:32 Katja: this masterclass alone has been SO helpful
01:00:38 katy: So I’m unhappy with almost every post on my IG feed. I don’t think it represents me and im trying to figure out b=my brand. Would it be risky to delete every post?
01:00:49 Bella MB – Content Manager: lightroom Adobe batch editing is great
01:00:50 katy: Oops no b=
01:02:19 Queen/ Kitty: After this I know what to delete 🙈 OMG thanks for peaking at my IG.
01:02:24 Giulia Basile: will a strike last forever or after some months without any strikes you are ok?
01:02:45 Queen/ Kitty: I created a new IG to tag that holds my linktree link.
01:03:05 katy: I think im having trouble understanding how to delete feed posts. I try to delete, and it comes right back
01:03:07 Bella MB – Content Manager: can we put our fansly link in bio tho if we don’t mention it or has to be twitter
01:03:50 Katja: no don’t put the link in your bio
01:03:54 Ona YBI:
01:04:03 carley belle : My Instagram is almost 100 percent reels. I just hit 50k ! I do post some tiktoks there but also just clips and some with original audios. they really prioritize my less spicy stuff
01:04:35 Avery: will stuff like QR codes and snapcodes get your account flagged?
01:04:42 katy: Carley that’s great to know, mind sharing your @?
01:05:28 Christina’s Galaxy Tab S7: can I ask what time your classes are as I work nights full time x
01:06:33 Nadia Layne: Are watermarks recommended at all? I try to watermark on every site, but it seems IG doesn’t love them
01:08:09 mari: How many strikes is a lot? I’ve only had 2 since I’ve created my IG in april
01:08:21 mari: But they word them so scarily! haha
01:08:43 Bella MB – Content Manager: what about if you split posts into 9 tiles , inevitably one of them is just boobs but in overall it’s a pic
01:09:03 carley belle : Katy – @carleybellefitness I started it in March. I had a tiktok and insta ban in January for my two biggest accounts and had to start over
01:09:07 katy: Oooh also yes curious about watrmakrs
01:09:12 katy: watermarks
01:09:31 Ari: if you have a allmylinks or whatever should you have the adult links on that site marked as 18+?
01:09:43 katy: If anyone looks at my account @katyykitten look how I have @katys.secret in my bio, that’s what she’s talking about I think!
01:10:20 Ari: I’m gonna make a blank acct but I have to wait til I get my new phone in a week because it won’t let me make another insta
01:10:27 carley belle : Yes I do those little skirt pull ups occasionally they love that! And body suits
01:11:38 Queen/ Kitty: Spicier content for me gets more reach and engagement … Usually my butt gets most engagement. Which is sort of strange since IG hates that content. Id think they would suppress that content. Instead anything that’s safe gets suppressed.
01:12:13 mari: stories
01:12:47 Em: I had a few strikes since I started, not in months luckily!! Strikes were a SFS in story and an emoji censoring a pic.
01:12:54 Bella MB – Content Manager: great thanks
01:13:10 Queen/ Kitty: That pink bikini photo got flagged for the close up shot at the end of the collection .. When I appealed they ruled in my favor. IG is so confusing.
01:13:35 carley belle : Sorry I did fix it lol sent it to you by mistake first 😅
01:14:16 Mari: Is there a
01:14:21 Mari: Lmao oops
01:15:11 Ari: i made on desktop but it sends me a code that won’t work on pc
01:16:59 Ari: doesn’t matter really lol I’ll have a new phone soon
01:17:33 Queen/ Kitty: You’re amazing for doing this! THANK YOU! 💜💜💜
01:17:33 Giulia Basile: thank youuu 💖💖💖
01:17:52 Christina’s Galaxy Tab S7: thank you
01:18:00 Bloop: may i ask what your % is on OF? because all your subscribers are from insta
01:18:03 Queen/ Kitty: I’m really excited for the classsss! Socials are it!
01:18:16 Bloop: no worries if you don’t wanna answer. I really appreciate this call. 💖
01:18:29 katy: Thank you so much!
01:18:44 Nadia Layne: Will you get flagged if guys continually mention sites in DMs
01:19:11 Queen/ Kitty: Appreciate you giving your time Ona 💜
01:19:11 Bloop: that’s amazing ona!! thanks for answering. loved the call.
01:19:15 Em: Sexting is the besttttt
01:19:27 Em: I have assistants lmao
01:19:46 carley belle : How do you find good help with sexting? I would need to hire someone too and have been thinking about it
01:19:53 Queen/ Kitty: I’m terrible at being vanilla at all 🤣🙈 I’m working on being more playful.
01:20:24 Jessy: Some girl with GG ripped me off ahaha 🤣
01:20:31 Lexi: how often do you recommend posting on insta?
01:20:40 Queen/ Kitty: 150 a day 😱 That’s amazing!
01:20:50 Giulia Basile: I was scammed too with gg 😢
01:21:13 Bloop: scamming is rampant on telegram lmao
01:21:15 Nadia Layne: Will mentioning sites in DMs get you flagged by IG?
01:22:20 katy: Do you answer any follower DMS or not recommend?
01:22:30 Queen/ Kitty: I’m excited !
01:22:40 katy: Promo needs to be exercised with extremeeeee caution
01:23:18 Nadia Layne: Thankyou!!!
01:23:18 katy: Thank you so much
01:23:22 Em: Thanks!!!
01:23:22 Lexi: thank you soo much!!
01:23:23 Queen/ Kitty: Thanks Ona! 💜
01:23:23 Bloop: love you Ona, tysm 💖
01:23:31 Natalie Shepherd’s iPhone: Thank you so much for your time 💘💘
01:23:33 Jessy: THANNKKK YOUUUUU ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🎉🎉 your awesome xx
01:23:34 carley belle : Awesome zoom 💕
01:23:39 cay: thank you somuch
01:23:40 Giulia Basile: 💖💖💖💖 thank you Ona!
01:23:40 Misty Renn: Thank you so much!!
01:23:42 Ari: tysm!
01:23:42 Petal X: Tysm!!
01:23:43 Queen/ Kitty: Happy Friday!
01:23:45 Mari: Thank you!!!!!!!

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