Below is my “How I Hit 3M on IG” Infosheet. While this is Instagram specific, I believe there are many lessons in here that apply to any platform. If you’d like to take my Social Success Intensive to learn how you can build a huge Social Media Empire and funnel that to major fan site income, click the CLASS INFO button in the top right corner of this page.

The “How I Hit 3M on IG” Infosheet

1. Instagram Classics

While I know you have your own style, and you should definitely stick with that because that’s what makes you awesome, one thing I suggest you consider is something I started doing in my third year. I call them “Instagram Classics.” These are basically photos that have a “hook.” That “hook” could be a prop, a pose, or a trend, but the point is, the hook makes your photo “catchy.” What does it catch? The likes! For instance, some of my Instagram Classics were photos of me using selfie-sticks, photos of me in an exceptionally sexy yoga pose, and photos of me with toys on my butt (which I called “toys on a peach”). I figured out what Instagram Classics were by watching the likes. I’d try a concept in a photo, and if it got a lot of likes, I’d try something else that was similar. Of course, there are also lots of trends on IG (for instance, as I write this, lifting your skirt in a grocery store is a huge trend). Doing “trendy” photos usually gets a lot of likes, too, which raises your engagement, which raises you in the algorithm, etc.

2. Focus on Your Assets​

I’ve looked at tens of thousands of babe pages, and one thing really stands out – some babes are good at focusing on their assets, and some babes, well, not so much. By “assets” I mean that part of your body, or that particular talent, or that particular look that your followers love most of all. In all honesty, for me it was my backside. For some girls it’s their breasts. For some it’s their face. For some it’s a particular “look.” For some it’s a particular thing they do. But no matter what it is, you should try to have your photography hone in on that primary asset and show it in close-up, in lots of creative ways, and frequently. It’s what your followers love about you, so don’t be afraid to give them lots of it!

3. Great Artists "Steal"

I really recommend to every babe that she follow other babes in her niche – who look like her, do similar things to her, etc. – and copy whatever they’re doing that’s working for them. As TS Eliot says, good artists borrow, great artists steal. Don’t be afraid to appropriate other styles, actions, looks. If it’s working for someone else, it can work for you. And that’s the way social media works – people love to follow trends, so if you can jump on a trend, do it!

4. Track Accounts

One really valuable thing I did a lot of was track other accounts via or by checking out the analytics available on their Instagram profile. You can see what they’re doing, how they’re growing, if their growth is legitimate (real followers vs. fake followers), who else is posting them, who is tagging them, etc. Not only can you learn a lot about what the successful pages are doing, but you can find other successful pages to interact with, and in both cases, you can take what they’re doing and make it work for you or set up trades, collaborations, etc.

5. Ad Purchases

Throughout my rise to 3M I bought a few ads, but I was extremely careful to do a thorough analysis of the page I was buying from to make sure they’re not sending fake followers. Sadly, I often found they were, which is one reason I founded IG Babe Club. We grow your account by doing shout outs on legitimate pages, so there’s no chance of sending fake followers. The best way to see if a page is sending you fakes is to make a small purchase then look at the accounts that follow you during the course of the ad and assess if they’re real accounts or not. If they’re fake accounts, then I would not buy an ad from that person again.

6. SFS

I have done a lot of SFS-ing, and you should too. This means you find an account similar to yours and you post them and they post you. No, it’s rarely possible to SFS with pages that are much bigger than yours, but there are lots of pages that are near your size, and you can trade with them in your story and your feed. One tip is if a page is twice your size you could offer to post them twice in exchange for them posting you once. Some girls are worried their followers won’t like it, and that’s fine. If you don’t think they will, then you don’t have to SFS. But one way to make your followers okay with it is to select the photos yourself to make sure they’re something you think your followers will like. Second, if you contextualize the trade for your followers – tell them why you’re showing them someone else – they will be more okay with it. Many of your followers will be glad to see someone you recommend! After all, they love you, so why wouldn’t they love your friends?

7. Live Events

I quickly found that doing “live events” was great for follower engagement, purchases from my private site, and new followers. There are lots of types of live events you can do – I’ve seen babes do collaborations, photo shoots, trips –  but the key is that it’s something you can promote for several days (“something special is about to happen”) and then, when it’s happening, it’s something your followers need to go check out right away, because it’s time limited. For instance, one thing I did was my Selfie Tours. I would go on 3-4 day trips, and during the trip I would be posting frequently on my Snap Channel and IG Live, and I’d be putting up extra posts about what I was doing. I really found that my engagement and private site purchases took big jumps when I did these Selfie Tours. I would also link these with music videos for songs on my album. My sense is if you can profile a particular talent you have to your followers they’ll show you even more love for it.

8. Engaging Captions

I’m sure you’ve read this if you’ve ever checked out one of those “How To Get Huge on Instagram” books (none of which, to be honest, I can recommend very highly), but creating fun, interesting, and engaging captions goes a long way to increasing your engagement, which lifts you in the algorithm, which helps your natural growth. So I recommend you put a bit of time into your captions. Write something people can react to. Ask questions. Be funny. Be cute. Be teasing. Be poetic. Be personal. Do what’s right for you.

9. Followers = Fan Club

I have always tried to remember one thing, and I believe it’s one of the reasons I have a relatively high engagement (likes plus comments) rate. Treat your followers like a fan club. Adore them, pamper them, engage them. The more love you give them, the more they’ll give you. Try to be very personal with them. Flatter them. Let them know how much you like them and value their comments and opinions. Ask them for their ideas! Reply to their comments! Maybe even engage with some of them via DM (for instance, do a contest where you send a couple of them something special). This kind of stuff is known to work very well.

10. Natural Growth

As you might have read, natural growth can really get your follower count soaring. Natural growth basically means Instagram is suggesting your page to followers of pages that are similar to yours. I grew a lot through natural growth. In fact, for a while I was getting around 10k followers/day just through Instagram suggesting my page. So how do you achieve natural growth? By having an awesome conversion rate. If a relatively high number of people who visit your page end up following you, then Instagram’s algorithm will think that your page is a good page and it will suggest you more. So how to have a great conversion rate? There are a lot of elements. Only post awesome content. Keep only your best performing content up (remove the poorly performing content). Have a great profile pic. Have a great profile description. And much more, all of which is covered in my Million Follower Immersive. And there you have it – the 10 things I did to hit 3m! I hope you are able to take a lot of value away from these tips for your own page, and I look forward to helping you get there yourself! xxoo – Ona