Why IG is the #1 Way To Get Rich on OF

With the rise of OF as a primary monetization method for models, the question becomes how to get new fans on OF, and I’m here to tell you the answer is IG. I joined OF in July 2020, and by October 2020 I was in the .25%, and that was entirely by promoting my OF on my IG (I tried a few OF trades and promos, but they amounted to nothing). But my IG-to-OF promo success isn’t because I have 3.6M followers. In fact, I had a student in my Summer 2020 Million Follower Immersive who has 50k followers on IG and is in the .29% on OF. How does she do it? She uses her IG to get new eyes on her OF. So it’s not about your total follower count, it’s about the new followers you can get to see your page every day using IG’s native growth mechanisms of trade, promo, and organic suggestion.

Bottom line: trying to get new OF followers by trading on OF is a loser’s game, but using IG to get new OF fans is a winner’s game. And here’s why:

1. There are over 1 billion users on Instagram scrolling day and night in every possible situation. Compare that to the 24 million users on Onlyfans who are scrolling their NSFW feeds in private, and you see that the exposure IG offers you is infinitely bigger than OF.

2. There are native growth mechanisms on IG – trades, promo, and organic suggestion – that expose your content to new eyes in a way and to a degree that OF can’t even touch.

3. When you’re on IG, you’re reaching a massive, mainstream market with content that is “safe for work.” Not only is this market way, way bigger than the largely NSFW market of OF, but there’s an “attraction conversion” mechanism here that mimics real life and works in your favor. Basically, guys see your content on IG, fall in love with you in that safer space, and then want to see more of you on your OF. In other words, when it comes to a guy seeing you on IG or OF and then signing up for your OF, the conversion of IG-to-OF is much, much better than the conversion of OF-to-OF.

4. All this talk about the secrets to OF success (Free Trials! Major Sales! Trading With Big Pages!) are mostly nonsense. While there are certainly a few tricks to optimizing your conversion on OF, the real and best way to get more OF subs is to get new eyes on your OF, and nothing does that like IG.

5. In my first few months on OF, I tried trading on OF and basically got nothing. Hanging out in various Telegram groups I’ve heard the same thing from so many models. You are so much better off spending your trading efforts on IG, where many, many more users will see you and where everyone knows to click your link in bio to see your OF.

6. While you might think that you can’t grow on IG, the fact that there are so many babes with millions (or hundreds of thousands) of followers proves that you can. You just need to know how (and I can teach you how in my Million Follower Immersive at YourBestInsta.com).

7. Not only is IG the best way to get big on OF, but your IG following is forever. Fact is, OF might not be here next year, but IG definitely will be. So growing an IG following not only benefits your OF, but it’s more secure in the long run.

8. Further, there may come a day when you want to monetize in ways other than your OF – music, art, fashion, fitness, brand ambassadorships, etc. You can do all of this through a growing IG following, but none of it through an OF following, so a growing IG is also better for any other monetization methods you may want to try in the future.

9. Organic growth on IG is when the algorithm is suggesting you to new users who follow pages like yours, and it means you can grow without doing anything! Organic growth comes when you have a relatively high conversion rate on your profile (a relatively high number of visitors hit follow), and I teach you how to have that high conversion rate in my Million Follower Immersive at YourBestInsta.com).

10. The different content types on IG (photo, video, reel, and story) give you four possible ways to excite your followers, inspire new followers, and go viral. Nothing like this exists on OF. In short, IG is the premiere marketing space for OF.

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