The Starmaker Exclusive

A VIP one-on-one relationship in which you and I work together to make you Instafamous.

If you prefer the personal attention of a one-on-one coaching experience, consider signing up for my Starmaker Exclusive, which consists of three intensives that can be taken together or individually: The Perfect Brand Intensive, the Awesome Content Intensive, and the Massive Growth Intensive. Each of these does a deep dive into the Story, Show, and Share modules in my Million Follower Immersive respectively, but with the Starmaker Exclusive, it’s just you and me working intensely and intimately through everything you need to know and do to become a huge IG model.
Below is a description of the intensives. Each one costs $4,000 (or all three for $10,000), lasts four to eight weeks (depending on your personal pace), and includes the following:

– $2,000 in mega promo

– One weekly Zoom call (for a total of four)

– All the Million Follower Immersive materials

– My private phone number for unlimited texting with me

– As many back and forth emails and image shares as you want so we can work closely together to perfect your brand, make your content awesome, and/or help you achieve massive growth.

The Perfect Brand Intensive

The first thing you need to do to succeed on IG is optimize your brand, your business model, and your profile. And that’s exactly what we do in this intensive. First, we go through the personal discovery process that leads to a specific and actionable sense of your unique and compelling brand by realizing your Five Facets, your Energy Triangle, your Magic Device, and your Style Bio.

We then work together to business plan your IG so that it is ideally structured for growth and profit from the very beginning. We’ll conduct an assets check, figure out the follower needs your IG will fulfill, do a competitor analysis, and determine your revenue model.

Finally, we put your brand and business plan clarity into action by optimizing your Profile Pic, your Bio Text (How, What, When, Why, Where), your Highlights, and your Link in Bio. We also discuss how to secure your account against deletion.

The Perfect Brand Intensive gives you all the conceptual, lifestyle, and marketing groundwork you need to start producing awesome content and achieving massive growth.

The Awesome Content Intensive

Too many models don’t understand how important it is to have content on IG that really stands out aesthetically. You simply can’t have a huge Instagram without posting awesome content, and that’s exactly what I’ll teach you to do in this intensive. First, we’ll work together to plan a few shoots. We’ll choose wardrobe, location, lighting, poses, content types, etc. The goal will be to get as much great stuff as possible on as small a budget as possible.

You’ll then do one shoot, send me the content, and we’ll discuss it in depth. What’s good, what’s not so good, what needs improvement? Then you’ll do another shoot, and we’ll do the same analysis. And then another, and more analysis and discussion. Once we’re done, you’ll totally know how to shoot awesome content.

Finally, we’ll go through all the content processing steps: saving, organizing, selecting, and preparing (touching up, sculpting, blemish removal, cropping, etc.). I’ll show you all the software and teach you all the techniques you need to create amazing photos and videos.

Once you’ve completed the Awesome Content Intensive, you’ll be ready to make posts that will set you apart from the competition. With your content really glowing on IG, your page will convert well, your trades and promos will be highly productive, and your link in bio will generate a large number of paying fans.

The Massive Growth Intensive

Everyone wants to know how to grow on Instagram, and that’s what I teach you in this intensive. First, we look into everything that goes into optimally showing your content so you convert as many visitors to followers as possible. This includes topics like feed vs. story, how to crop and filter for best results, writing great captions, enhancing engagement, handling comments, scheduling posts, and using tags.

Next, we cover everything you need to know about growth: how to beat the algorithm, how to implement successful trades, how to achieve organic growth, how to place great ads (while avoiding fake pages), how to get mainstream press, and more.

Finally, we make a unique growth strategy for your page that you can implement in the months and years ahead. We’ll not only go over how to grow using your Instagram, but we’ll look at other methods and social platforms as well: Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, OnlyFans, and more.

You’ll finish the Massive Growth Intensive with a solid plan for how you can create content for – and use the inherent growth mechanisms of – all these different platforms so you can get your page to a million followers and more in no time!

Payment Options

The Starmaker Exclusive costs $4,000 for a single intensive or $10,000 for all three.

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