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The Million Follower Immersive

My 10-week class, the Million Follower Immersive, is the only online course in the world that gives you everything you need to know to make it big as an Instamodel. Invest in yourself on IG, and you’ll be set for life!

The YBI Hub

My free YBI Hub on Telegram offers trading & engagement groups, promo deals, tips & inspo, and advice for babes looking to get big on Instagram and beyond. Dm @yourbestinstacoach on IG to be invited.

The Mom-n-Pop Shop

This course teaches you and your partner how to become a high-performance production company. You’ll learn how to shoot pro content, how to touch-up and edit for perfection, and how to collaborate on everything from marketing to monetization!

The YBI Social Success Club

An exclusive Telegram Group for advice, networking, and promos. Your membership includes our “Success Sheets” on IG, OF, Twitter, Reddit, and Tik Tok, our “Roadmap to Social Success,” and expert support from Ona Artist and our monthly Success Advisors. Come hang with the ladies who launch!

The Starmaker Exclusive

If you’re interested in making it big on IG but prefer a private teaching experience with me, the Starmaker Exclusive is for you. We’ll go over everything I teach in my Million Follower Immersive, but it will all be solely about your account and your success.

Discovery Call

Schedule a free phone chat with me and we’ll talk about where you’re at, what you want, and how I can help you achieve all your goals!

The YBI SFS List

I’ve compiled the largest list in the world of babes looking to SFS on IG. The list is free to use, it’s ordered by follower count so you can find models in your range, and you can get added (also free!) by joining the YBI Hub.

The How I Hit 3M Tip Sheet

Get my free “How I Hit 3M” Tip Sheet and read the ten most important things to do if you want to grow your IG to a million followers and more!

The Digital Assistant Training Intensive

For a model to get to the next level, she needs to hire an assistant, but training one can be a huge undertaking. My DAT Intensive teaches your assistant everything they need to know to help you grow and gain using the same documents and methods I’ve used to train my own assistants. Start any time you want, get over $1200 in free promo, and receive 2 months of training support! The day you stop doing it all yourself is the day you start succeeding!