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The Social Success Intensive

The Social Success Intensive is the only online course in the world that teaches models how to succeed on ALL socials and funnel that success into major fan site income as well as other forms of monetization. Composed of four modules – Story (Establishing Your Brand), Show (Producing Great Content), Share SFW (Growing Huge Followings) and Share NSFW (Monetizing Your Fan Site) – each module is taught one week per month on a rotating basis and includes a group Zoom, tons of informational tutorials, materials and worksheets, lifetime membership in the Social Success Club,  PLUS $2000+ in FREE Mega Promo, so it basically pays for itself! Take the Social Success Intensive NOW and secure unending success for your Social Media Empire!

The YBI Hub

My free YBI Hub on Telegram offers trading & engagement groups, IG Live Scheduling, promo deals, tips & inspo, and advice for babes looking to get big on Instagram and beyond. Click below for the Telegram join link.

The Social Success Club

The Social Success Club is a private Telegram Channel for ambitious babes looking to succeed on all socials – Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Reddit, and more – and to funnel that success into a prospering monetization scheme. Every life-time member gets a free story shout on @OnaArtist (5M IG), access to our SFS List, priority free lives with YourBestInsta (680k IG), daily success tips and convos on all the major platforms, discounts on promos and classes, and networking opportunities with our huge modeling community for trades, inspo, and advice, plus much much more! 

The Starmaker Exclusive

If you’re interested in making it big on IG but prefer a private teaching experience with me, the Starmaker Exclusive is for you. We’ll go over everything I teach in my Million Follower Immersive, but it will all be solely about your account and your success. For a truly life-changing, intimate, and intense “one-on-one” that looks only at your page and discusses only what you need to do to succeed, this is your best bet.