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SFS List

Welcome to the YBI SFS List! This is the largest known list of IG model pages that are actively trading.

This list contains members of the YBI Club and accounts that are actively SFSing on IG. If you would like to be added to the YBI Club on Telegram, dm @yourbestinstainfo on IG and say you want to be added to the YBI Club (it’s also free). In the YBI Club you’ll find IG trading and engagement groups, daily tips and inspo, IG success advice, and more.

To use the YBI SFS List, order it either ascending or descending by clicking the arrows next to Follower # and then go down the list to find IG models with pages in your range. When you find a page you like, dm them on IG and suggest an SFS. And remember, you can SFS with people who have similar follower counts to you, but you can also do it with people much bigger or smaller by “adjusting” the trade (so, for example, if they’re twice as big as you, you could do two Story Posts and they do one, etc.)

Finally, SFS is a good way to grow, but if your page isn’t optimized, your trades aren’t going to be nearly as successful as they could be. For that reason, I highly recommend you check out my class, The Million Follower Immersive, which is the only class in the world that teaches you everything you need to know to get huge on Instagram.

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